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# Place all config file global variables. Eg. variables to be used as string interpolation # for the rest of the file. # topdir = /Users/gbartlet/Research/TrafGen/ datadir = /tmp


log_file = /tmp/fred log_level = 1

[nodes] gateway = username = gbartlet nodes = n1, n2, r1 nodes = steel username = gbartlet nodes = hpc username = gbartlet


# In this section we define how we group the hosts defined in the 'nodes' section. # Group names can be anything as long as they are only are comprised of nothing but # alphanumeric characters, plus the underscore character. Eg. "my_hosts3" or "web_servers". # # Groups definitions can be nested, up to a default of 3 nestings. # # Groups may be modified and added to by blocks in the 'resource allocation' section. # # If you are using blocks which will fill in group members for you, # it's ok to leave a group name blank. (eg. "my_group_x = ") group6 = group3, host5, localhost, localhost, localhost, localhost, localhost, localhost, group3, hos group1 = group2 = group1, host2 group3 = group2, host6 my_group_x =


order = blah2 actions = none blah2? def = ${topdir}/alias/

[resource allocation]

order = blah actions = none blah?


# First we use the keyword 'order' to define the order of precidence # that blocks should be called in. order = alias

# Actions which define an experiment and the order these are called in. # # Default is "install, setup, test, status, start, status" #

actions = install, setup, test, status # In the following subsections (eg. ?) we give the block names (which can be anything) # and where to find the interface file (keyword 'def') and which target groups or hosts # this block will be run on (keyword 'target'). # # Note that multiple blocks can use the same interface definition file, but with different # targets and variables. # # Each block needs a unique name. (eg. none of the names within the following ? brackets # should be the same. # # Needs lists the files which the block depends on. This list is checked to make sure # these files have been created by the appropriate block. # # # The [variables?] section of each block is optional. Variable names should match # the class variable names in the interface file specified in 'def'. # alias?

filename = FRED def = ${topdir}/alias/ target = group1 needs = ${datadir}/frank/%host.ips creates = ${datadir}/frank/%host.out, $filename

[input?] my_var = value2

alias two?

def = ${topdir}/alias/ target = group1

[input?] my_var = stuff


def = ${topdir}/route/ target = group1