Registering to use DeterLab

Who may apply for a DETER project or request a user account?

Researchers from academia, government, and industry -- as well as educators from academic institutions -- may apply for a DeterLab project account. A student must have their professor or appropriate faculty member apply for an account, and once it is activated the student can then apply for membership to that project.

Note: For more information on using DeterLab for education, please refer to the DeterLab Education Site.

To Register

DETER accounts are grouped by projects, therefore the project leader or PI must first request a project, then other users apply for membership to that project.

Note: If you already have a DeterLab account, please login in first. This will help streamline the process.

Requesting a New Project

  • If you are a PI, project leader or instructor who wants to request a new project on DeterLab, fill out the New Project Application Form.
    • You will be asked a number of questions about your project and how you intend to use DETER. Please be detailed, especially with respect to any possible risks from your experiment. A DETER staff member may contact you to discuss or clarify any potential issues.
    • The project leader is responsible for ensuring that the project adheres to the Project Plan included in the application form.
    • Instructors should indicate this project is for educational purposes. Once the project is created, you will receive further instructions including how to create accounts for your students.
  • Upon submission, your application must be approved by the DETER Executive Committee; this generally takes a few days. They may contact you and ask for clarification.
  • You will receive an email notification upon approval and your user account will be active. You may log in with the username and password you entered on the form.
  • If you are curious about the progress on your application, you may contact us.

Getting a User Account to Join an Existing Project

  • If you are a team member who needs to join an existing project, submit the Apply for Project Membership Form.
  • The project leader will be informed via email of your request and will be required to log in to approve your account.

Note to Students

  • If you are a student who wants to use DeterLab for your own research:
  • If you are a student taking a class that uses DeterLab:
    • You do not need to take any action – your instructor will create accounts and assign them to students.

Getting Help

If you run into trouble, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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