The DETER distribution includes a small set of tests to verify basic functionality of the newly-installed testbed. Once elabman has created the first user, that user may start the tests on the users node from within the build user's check-out source tree. First:

cd ~<builduser>/testbed/testsuite/deter

Edit the third line of tbcheck so tbsrc refers to the full path for ~<builduser>/testbed.

set tbsrc /usr/testbed/src/testbed



should produce (after a fair amount of other logging)

basic2 passed all phases
basic passed all phases
toofast failed preparse
miniTbcmd2 passed all phases
cbr passed all phases
basic3 passed all phases

tbcheck is a tcl expect script which exercises the testbed using this short series of experiments, attempting to: swap each in; test link behavior; verify other properties of the instantiated experiment; and finally swap out. Given a sufficient quantity of experimental nodes, and a correctly-functioning testbed, only one of the tests is designed to fail.

  • basic checks that an experimental node's group file includes the project group. It also includes two links with different delays, and one at a lower bitrate than the others. basic should pass all phases.
  • basic2 checks than an experimental node properly mounted the user's home directory, and should pass all phases.
  • basic3 performs the same group file check as "basic" but will swap in on a testbed with as few as three experimental nodes.
  • cbr includes a number of links with delay, traffic agents, and link events. The test verifies that the testbed correctly creates a log file for one of the events.
  • miniTbcmd2 includes a pair of tar archives to be extracted on one of the experimental nodes, and a startup command for that node.
  • toofast is supposed to fail to swap-in (according to emulab) because one of the links is too fast, but in practice fails due to a parsing error. This is the only one of the five tests which is intended to fail.

The full series requires at least six experimental nodes, assuming one node available for delay use has four experimental interfaces. basic2 and basic3 require two and three experimental nodes, respectively.

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