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Who can request an account?

Accounts on DETER are organized by projects. Any researcher in the world can request a new project on DETER. If you are a student or a graduate student, we require that your advisor request a project. Once that project is approved created, you can then have members of your team join the project.

Getting an Account

To request a project account on DETERlab, a researcher uses the DETERlab web interface to submit a project description. If you are a grad student, please have your advisor request your project and join his/her project.

A key part of this description specifies any risks inherent in the experiment, so that the DETERlab administrative group can ensure that appropriate containment mechanisms will be in place when the experiment runs. Please be as detailed as possible when describing possible risks your project may present

The Basics

Once your project has been approved, you can create experiments.

To start an experiment, you'll need to provide an NS file that describes its topology. We've provided a number of sample topologies? that should be enough to get you started.

After your experiment has been created you can swap it in, swap it out, and terminate it. Swapping in allocates nodes and connects them according to the topology file. Swapping an experiment out releases the nodes and LANs that have been allocated to it. Terminating it removes all trace of the experiment from the testbed.

Once your experiment is swapped in, you can access your nodes through SSH?.

See the DeterResources for a more detailed list of our software and further documentation.

Getting Help

If you run into trouble, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.