DETER Experimentation Resources


  • Montage AGent Infrastructure
    • MAGI is a system for orchestrating networking experiments on the DETER testbed. MAGI enables deterministic orchestration of event streams, repeatable enactment of procedures, and control and data management for experiments
  • SEER Workbench
    • DETER's Security Experimentation Environment (SEER) is a GUI-based user interface to DETERlab, helping an experimenter to set up, script, and perform experiments in the DETER environment. The SEER back-end includes a set of tools and agents for traffic generation, attack generation, traffic collection, and data analysis.
  • Semantic Analysis Framework (SAF)
    • !SAF is a framework for offline data analysis of networked and distributed system data. It enables users to analyse and reason over data using semantically meaningful abstractions and thus at a level closer to their understanding of system operation.
  • DETER Federation
    • The DETER federation architecture is a model and mechanism for creating experiments that span multiple testbeds. We have written several papers about the architecture. This site is the home for our prototype implementation, fedd.
  • ABAC
    • ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control) is a software library and suite of tools which act as a framework for doing distributed access control. It is used in the DETER federation architecture.

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