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Why can't I log in?

Too many failed attempts to log into the web interface will result in your account being locked. You will get a message about this if you trigger it. Although you can log into the web interface using your email address, you must use your actual account name to log into . Also, too many failed attempts to log into will result in an IP address ban. We automatically whitelist all IP addresses that have successfully logged into the web interface and this list is synchronized every 15 minutes. So if you find yourself banned from connecting to please log into the web interface and then wait.

How do I copy files from my workstation to a node in an experiment?

Your home directory from users is available on the nodes in your experiment. Any files you copy to using scp or sftp will therefore be available.

How can I copy files from a node in the testbed to my workstation?

The reverse of the previous question: copy the files you want to your home directory, then download them from using scp or sftp.

How can I install software on my nodes?

The currently supported operating system images (See the Recommended list here for currently supported images) images have access to full package repositories on a local mirror. You can therefore use yum or apt-get (respectively) to install software that's been pre-packaged for each distro.

If there is no package for the software you wish to install, you can install from source. Copy the source tarball to the testbed (see How do I copy files from my workstation to a node in an experiment? or use wget or curl on users ), then follow the package's installation instructions.

While we will do everything we can to assist any issues you face, we do not have the resources to help individual users install software.

When I try to attach to an experiment with SEER, I get the error: Error downloading /proj/ProjectName/exp/ExperimentName/tbdata/node.pem: 2: no such file.

Make sure you've followed the instructions How to set up an experiment with SEER.

This error is most frequently seen because you have not included a node named control which is not connected to anything else in the topology.

Also make sure you've set the start command to run on every node, including control .