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Working with FreeBSD

First things first

FreeBSD comes with excellent documentation. This includes complete manual pages that document everything from syscalls to command line utilities and a handbook that covers basic system administration tasks.

Binary Packages

Binary packages for FreeBSD are mirrored on scratch. In order to install binary packages from scratch, the environment variable PACKAGEROOT is set. To check that this is set, simple echo the variable:

node0 ~]$ echo $PACKAGEROOT
[jjh@node0 ~]$ 

You can now use the pkg_add command to install packages. Using the '-r' option instructs pkg_add to fetch the package from the remote host defined by the PACKAGEROOT variable. This command needs to be run as root, so we use the sudo command.

[jjh@node0 ~]$ sudo pkg_add -r tmux
Fetching http://scratch/pub/FreeBSD/ports/i386/packages-7.3-release/Latest/tmux.tbz... Done.
[jjh@node0 ~]$ 

To view the list of available packages, you can go to:

To learn more about managing packages on FreeBSD, please refer to Section 4.4 of the FreeBSD Handbook

Source for FreeBSD

For now, the source can be found in /share/freebsd

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