Table edumaterial_types

Purpose: store types of material we have

  • type: encoded type
  • description: textual description of type like slides, HTML lecture, homework, CCTF

Table edumaterial_shared

Purpose: store all shared materials

  • ID: unique ID
  • type: encoded type
  • access: student/teacher
  • title
  • location folder or binary content
  • author contact: uid

Table edumaterial_tags

  • material ID from edumaterial_shared
  • tag: enables searching

Table class_assignments

Purpose: Record what is assigned per class, allow for versioning of materials specific to class

  • ID: unique ID
  • title
  • location folder or binary folder
  • PID of the class that's adopting it (idx?)
  • GID of the group that's assigned to (idx?)
  • state: prepared/assigned/expired
  • due_on: date when it is due
  • after_due: show/hide

Table student_assignments

Purpose: Record what is assigned per student, allow for submissions

  • ID: unique ID
  • assignment_ID: ID from class_assignments
  • uid: uid from users
  • state: submitted/not submitted
  • submission_time: datetime
  • submission: binary record or folder where submitted materials are
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