What are resource limits?

If you are a class user, your class only have access to a limited number of nodes. You can see how many nodes are available for your class on your My DETERlab page.

What error message will I receive if there are no nodes left for my project?

Something like this:

Admission Control: $project/$experiment has too many nodes allocated!

Maximum Node Usage

Each class is limited to a portion of its max required nodes for the duration of an assignment. This portion should be around 1/4-1/3 for large classes and around 1/2 for small ones. Instructors are asked to set this limit by clicking on the "Teaching" tab of their "My DETERlab" page, and then clicking in the "Input Schedule" box under "Class Projects".

Collectively all classes will be limited to 2/3 of the maximum capacity of the testbed at all times (which is to say: 330 nodes).


DETERlab has 500 nodes (physical PCs) split between ISI in Marina del Rey and UC Berkeley. They are our most scarce resource.

In order to provide fair access to nodes to all users of the testbed (researchers and classes alike), we impose limits on the maximum number of nodes available to classes.

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