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Welcome to the DETER Documentation Wiki and Trouble Ticket site

DETER Introduction

DETER is an Emulab based cluster consisting of about 200 server class machines at the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute in Marina del Rey, California, USA and 200 nodes at the University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, California, USA.

DETER Documentation

DETER is based on the Emulab software and the fundamentals of Emulab and DETER are very similar. For things such as tutorials or NS command references, we rely on the Emulab documentation. We attempt to only document the ways that DETER differs from Emulab in the DETER wiki. There is one problem with this, however, which is that the Emulab documentation includes direct links to the main Emulab site instead of DETER. For example, in the tutorial, there may be a link to the page that lists available operating systems for Emulab. We have setup a simple proxy to take these links and link them to DETER. DETER can and does differ from Emulab with the features we offer, node types we have, tools we have available, and operating systems we support. Below are links to DETER specific wiki pages as well as the general Emulab documentation.

Getting Help (Contact Us)


  • DETER SEER Workbench The Security Experimentation Environment (SEER) is a set of tools and agents for helping an experimenter setup, script and perform experiments in the DETER environment. It includes agents for traffic generation, attack generation, traffic collection and analysis.
  • DETER Federation The DETER federation architecture is a model and mechanism for creating experiments that span multiple testbeds. We have written several papers about the architecture. This site is the home for our prototype implementation, fedd.
  • ABAC The ABAC project collects several useful pieces of software implementing Attribute-Based Access Control.

DETER Resources