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Welcome to the DETER trac Wiki and Trouble Ticket site

Getting Help

There are a number of ways to get assistance.

  • Create a trouble ticket.
    • Please login above with your DETER username and password.
    • Go to the new ticket page
    • Enter as much relevant information as possible.
  • The DETER staff is available for live chat in the IRC channel #DETER on
    • Most active M-F 10 AM - 7 PM
      • We may not respond instantly. Be patient.
        • We poll about once an hour
        • So seriously, be patient
      • If you're having a problem with an experiment, see the contact page for the information we will need.
  • Email testbed-ops@….

We provide a web interface to the IRC channel. Log in by clicking the button below: Please log in to use web chat.

DETER Documentation

We are working on adding DETER specific documentation to this wiki. For general Emulab documentation, please visit the Emulab Documentation Wiki