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    3 == Welcome to the DETER Documentation Wiki and Trouble Ticket site ==
     3== Welcome to the DETERlab Documentation Wiki and Trouble Ticket site ==
    5 == DETER Introduction ==
    7 DETER is an [ Emulab] based testbed consisting of about 200 server class machines at the [ University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute] in [,_California Marina del Rey, California, USA] and 200 nodes at the [ University of California, Berkeley] in [,_California Berkeley, California, USA].  Our project homepage which lists publications and funders can be found at [].  The web interface for the DETER testbed can be found at []
     5DETERlab [] is an Emulab-based cluster testbed designed for cyber security research.  Under funding from DHS and other agencies, the DETER project operates DETERlab while pursueing a vigorous research program to make DETERlab a more powerful research instrument.
     6Our project homepage can be found at [].
    98== Getting Help (Contact Us) ==
    11  * [wiki:GettingHelp Getting Help with DETER]
     10 * [wiki:GettingHelp Contact Us]
     12== Getting Started with DETERlab ==
     14 * [wiki:GettingStarted Getting Started with DETERlab]
     15 * [wiki:FrequentlyAskedQuestions Frequently Asked Questions about DETERlab]
     17== DETERlab Documentation ==
     19 * Using DETERlab
     20  * [wiki:Topologies Sample topologies and NS files]
     21  * [wiki:DETERSSH Using SSH to access testbed nodes]
     22  * [wiki:SerialConsole Using the Serial Console on testbed nodes]
     24 * DETERlab Reference Info
     25  * [wiki:NodeTypes Available Node Types]
     26  * [wiki:OSImages Available Operating System images]
     28 * Other
     29  * [wiki:DeterResources DETER Resources] DETERlab user resources.
     30  * [wiki:ISIUCB Location of the DETERlab machine rooms]
     32DETERlab is based on the []Emulab  software, and the fundamentals
     33of Emulab and DETER are very similar.
     34However, DETERlab differs from Emulab in our approval process, user features,
     35node types, available tools, and supported operating systems.  See the links above.
     36The DETERlab documentation available from this page is generally specific to DETERlab.
     37For more advanced documentation (e.g., advanced examples or an NS reference),
     38refer to the Emulab-based documentation at [].
     39Note that this link to Emulab-based documentation takes you to a DETERized version of
     40the real Emulab documentation, which contains internal links to Emulab. We have filtered
     41it to replace Emulab references to DETERlab references.
     42differs from that on the Emulab site;
     44If you find a page that does not have "DETERlab" or "DETER"
     45at the top, you may have been diverted into the real Emulab documentation, which may
     46lad to information that is incorrect for DETERlab. Please tell us if that happens so we can
     47plug the leak.
    14 == DETER Documentation ==
    16  * Using DETER
    17   * [wiki:GettingStarted Getting Started with DETER]
    18   * [wiki:Topologies Sample topologies]
    19   * [wiki:DETERSSH Using SSH to access testbed nodes]
    20   * [wiki:SerialConsole Using the Serial Console on testbed nodes]
    21  * Reference Documentation
    22   * [wiki:NodeTypes Node Types]
    23   * [wiki:OSImages Operating System Images]
    24   * [ DETER proxy for General Emulab Documentation]
    25   * [wiki:FrequentlyAskedQuestions Frequently Asked Questions]
    26  * Other
    27   * [wiki:DeterResources DETER Resources] Special DETER resources for researchers, developers, and educators.
    28   * [wiki:ISIUCB Location of the DETER machine rooms]
    30 DETER is based on the  Emulab  software and the fundamentals of Emulab and DETER are very similar. For things such as tutorials or NS command references, we rely on the Emulab documentation. We attempt to only document the ways that DETER differs from Emulab in the DETER wiki. There is one problem with this, however, which is that the Emulab documentation includes direct links to the main Emulab site instead of DETER. For example, in the tutorial, there may be a link to the page that lists available operating systems for Emulab. We have setup a simple proxy to take these links and link them to DETER. DETER can and does differ from Emulab with the features we offer, node types we have, tools we have available, and operating systems we support.  Below are links to DETER specific wiki pages as well as the general Emulab documentation.