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User DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO read the Student Introduction to DeterLab if you are a student.
  • DON'T use control network unless absolutely necessary. This means:
    • DON'T use full node names such as ping node1.YourExperiment.YourProject
      • DO use short names such as ping node1. This ensures that traffic goes over experimental network.
    • DON'T generate traffic to 192.168.x.x network
      • DO use addresses of experimental interfaces. These can be from any IPv4 address range, depending on your NS file, but are often from 10.10.x.x address range.
    • DON'T transfer large (>500 MB) files frequently between your home or project directories and a local directory on your experimental machine.
      • If you need to regularly save and read large files that persist between experiment instances create a ticket and we will help you use our ZFS storage.
    • DON'T perform large (> 500 MB) or frequent (< 10 s) reads/writes on your experimental nodes into your home or project directory
      • DO use a local directory on an experimental node, such as /tmp or /mnt/local, and transfer the logs to your home directory before you swap out to save them.
  • DON'T store large files in your home or project directory unless you need them in multiple experiment instances.
    • DO store these files locally on a node, e.g., in /tmp folder. If you need more disk space you can mount more to /mnt/local by doing
      sudo /usr/local/etc/emulab/ /mnt
      sudo chown $user /mnt/local
  • DON'T compile large files or run CPU intensive jobs on
    • DO allocate experimental nodes, store files locally and compile/run jobs there.