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     1== DeterLab Technical Support ==
     3We provide technical support to DeterLab users, via a support ticketing system. Please read the Technical Support Usage policy below, before creating your first ticket.  Once you have read the policy, you can [ create a ticket] by using your DETER username and password to login.
     5In using the ticketing system, you can [ create tickets], [ view your tickets], and [ search] all tickets and documentation -- all using links in the navigation bar above. After you create a ticket, you can expect a response via email from DeterLab Technical Support, typically in the same business day (US Pacific time) and often within minutes.
     7== Technical Support Usage Policy ==
     9Please use the ticketing system to reach us in the most rapid manner possible. We are notified when new tickets are opened and respond to them quickly, often immediately if the ticket is created during regular business hours.
     11To help us help you, we need you to take a few minutes to document the issue you are having, providing the information we need to address your problem quickly. In the body of the new ticket message, please include:
     13* A brief description of the issue in the "Summary" line
     14* Your DeterLab user name, pre-filled in the "Reporter" line
     15* The name of your DeterLab project in the message body
     16* A detailed description of the problem: what you did, what you expected, what you saw instead; specific verbatim error message text or logs; steps you took to re-create the problem, if applicable.
     17* You can also take screenshots and include them as attachments to the ticket, along with any other attachments that might help document the difficulty that you're having.
     19Also, if your problem is with running one of your experiments, please also include the name of your experiment, and (if possible) leave a copy of the experiment running, by disabling your experiment's idle-swap configuration.
     21Finally, you can also contact our support staff by [ email] (particularly if you are having trouble with the ticket system). However, please be aware that it may be a slower contact and resolution process than using the ticketing system. In such cases, send email to testbed-ops at, and please include as much of the above information that is relevant.