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    3636We describe each of these in more detail below.
    38 === The Implementation Framework ===
     38=== The Implementation ===
     40This section motivates and explains two of the implementation design decisions that underlie the SPI: expanding the implementation beyond the Emulab abstractions and implementation, and using SOAP and web services to deliver the service.
     42==== DETER Abstractions and the Existing Codebase ====
     44The DETER research agenda drives the new abstractions, and it differs somewhat from the abstractions that drive the Emulab-derived code base.  DETER is interested in sharing experiment infrastructure - including conducting experiments where multiple parties manipulate the environment based on different views of the world and different goals (multi-party experiments).  Also, DETER is interested in multi-fidelity, large-scale experiments where the representation of the various partes of the experiment is guided by the researcher's design of the experiment.  Finally, we think of experiments as having aspects that go well beyond the definition of the topology or layout, and the abstractions need to support this.
     46The Emulab code is based on simpler topology and experimentation models, and while its developers have been able to extend it to do more, our changes take the abstractions far enough that relegating the Emulab code to allocating local resources seems the cleanest way forward.  Functions including user and project management will move into the SPI, though subsets of that function (basically current Emulab functionality) will remain available through the legacy interface.
     50As a last practical point Emulab-based codebase blurs the lines of some implementations between the webserver interface and the backend code.  Building the SPI offers DETER a chance to solidify that interface and enable developer to build multiple applications on the DETER abstractions.
     52==== Delivering the SPI Through SOAP ====