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Deterlab Usage Policy

  • Be a good citizen - we expect users to be good citizens, initiating swap out when they are done with their experiment for the day.
  • We may swap out idle experiments - we audit the testbed for idle experiments. When the testbed is close to full we will ping the users with long-running, idle experiments and ask if they can be swapped out. If no response is received within 8 hours we will swap out the experiment. Note that you can always prevent us from swapping your experiment by promptly replying to our email and telling us you need the nodes.
  • Talk to us if you have a need - we are sometimes contacted by users about making reservations for research or class deadlines. Unfortunately our software does not support advance reservations. But we are always willing to work with users to help them acquire nodes they need on time, and help them hold those nodes as long as they need them. Sometimes this involves blocking the nodes out for a period of time. Other times this involves swapping the experiment in the night before the demo, when most nodes are free. Please submit a ticket if you need a reservation and we will work with you.
  • Very rarely we may restrict use to a part of the testbed - sometimes we have planned large-scale demonstrations that require us to block off a part of our testbed. At these times you will see reduced node availability but your swapped in experiments will not be disturbed. We will inform you about these planned events at least two weeks ahead, via news items on Deterlab's Web page.