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    55 * '''Read the tutorial''' -  [wiki:Tutorial It is right here] - and give us feedback!
    66 * '''Do not share accounts''' - We will close accounts that we suspect to be shared.
    7  * '''Use good passwords''' - We are a computer security testbed, so please use a strong password.  You may be reading this because you were told that your new password, 'qwerty1234', is in the dictionary.  We don't mean the Oxford English Dictionary here.  What we use is a large list of dictionary words *combined* with actual passwords that have been found in the wild.  For example, the [ RockYou hack] ended up revealing the unencrypted passwords of 32 million people (and about 14 million unique passwords).  Since this list is one of the go-to lists for the bad guys, we use it too.  This means that a lot of passwords that seem clever or obscure fail our test because someone else thought up the same thing.  The longer your password, the less likely it is to be in the dictionary.  Try combining multiple words mixed with numbers and symbols.  That way you get an easy to remember password that also will pass our dictionary checks.
     7 * '''Use good passwords''' - We are a computer security testbed, so please use a strong password.  For more details, see our [wiki:Passwords Passwords page].
    88 * '''Swap out your experiment it is finished''' -  People forget to do this all the time.  We do have an idle detection mechanism, but it is not perfect and may keep thinking your experiment is active long since you have collected your results, published your paper, and achieved tenure.  Please log back in and free up your nodes so that other researchers can use them.
    99 * '''Do not abuse the no idle-swap feature''' -  Only turn off idle swap if there is a true need.  Take the time to script the setup process for your experiment or create custom disk images.