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     1= Getting Help =
     3Check out the FrequentlyAskedQuestions to see if your question has already been answered. [/search Search] is your friend.
     5If you do contact us, please include the following:
     6 * Your DETER username
     7 * Your project
     8 * Your experiment (if applicable)
     9   * Please include a link
     10   * Link format is: {{{ [experiment:pid:eid] }}} (pid is project name, eid is experiment name)
     11 * A description of the problem.  Be as detailed as you can.  The following are all helpful:
     12   * What you typed or clicked, what you expected to happen as a result, and what did happen
     13   * Any error messages or logs (verbatim errors are best)
     14   * Which nodes in your experiment are having a problem (if applicable)
     15 * If your problem is with an experiment, please leave a copy swapped in for us (disable idle swap)
     17There are a number of ways to get assistance.
     19 * Create a trouble ticket.
     20    * Please login above with your DETER username and password (the ticket system currently requires a separate login).
     21    * Go to [ the new ticket page]
     22    * Fill in as much as possible (see above)
     24 * The DETER staff is available for live chat in the IRC channel [irc:// #DETER on].
     25    * Most active M-F 10 AM - 7 PM
     26        * State your project, experiment and user name.  If you do not provide these details, we will be unable to help you.
     27        * We may not respond instantly. Be patient.
     28              * We poll about once an hour
     29              * So seriously, be patient
     30              * If you are impatient, please file a ticket (see above).
     31        * If you're having a problem with an experiment, be ready to supply the information above.
     32    * If you do not have an IRC client installed we provide a web interface to the [ IRC channel].
     33        * You will need to be logged in to DETER to use the web interface.
     34 * Email
     35   * We strongly prefer that you open a ticket rather than emailing us
     36   * Even if you know specific administrator's e-mail addresses, always send your mail to in case that person is unavailable.