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    3939= Domain Knowledge =
     41The entire system has a domain knowledge database that contains domain-specific information, such as:
     42  * Context:
     43   * what is an IP address
     44   * what is an IP flow
     45   * what is an IP packet pair
     46   * what is a TCP connection (consists of three packets with following features ..)
     47   * what is a DNS request/reply, what makes a reply match the request
     48   * what is an HTTP request/reply, what makes a reply match the request
     49   * what is the syntax of a DNS record
     50  * Parameterization:
     51   * for each type of object and each type of event in any metadescription what kind of parameters can be defined. E.g., for HTTP request this would be timing of requests and content of requests (type=GET/PUT/POST, filename). Note that this is divorced from the actual generator of such event, parameters are strictly related to events, regardless of how they are generated.
     52  * Relationships:
     53   * One type of traffic induces another: HTTP traffic leads to DNS traffic leads to ARP traffic
     54   * Nodes have IP and ARP addresses per each interface
     55   * Web files may contain forms that require user input
     56   * HTTP replies depend on Web files stored at a server-specific location
     57   * DNS records reside in caches and have info about name=address mappings, and info about authorities for domains
     59The context part would be mostly populated by us. The parameterization and relationship parts would be seeded by us but then extended by other experts that create meta-descriptions. There is an automated way of identifying unknowns from a meta-description that must be defined in the knowledge DB.
    4161= Generator Descriptions =
     63Our system keeps the following info about each generator:
     64  * Name
     65  * Contact of the author or N/A for non-supported generators
     66  * URL of the manual for the generator
     67  * What is the type of its output (e.g. Topology) - the types mentioned here are from the same enum list as object types in the logical topology
     68  * What parameters users can customize - these come from the same list as parameters in the parameterization part of the knowledge DB. A generator may have some parameters specific to itself, we don't care about those in this item. We care about parameters that describe a certain event/object and which of them we can manipulate if we choose this generator.
     69  * How the parameters can be customized, e.g., randomized, input by user, selected from a list ...
     70  * Other inputs of the generator, their range of values and their relationship to the parameters from the above two items
    4372= Mapping elements of metadescription to generators during experiment design =
    4576= TODO =