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    1010The DETER testbed is a public facility for medium-scale repeatable experiments in computer security. Now Deter can create experiment to run one or multiple Eucalyptus clouds in one experiment. Installation script can help user to create experiment with Eucalyptus automatically. So users can not only create any number of nodes in one Eucalyptus cloud, but also can create any number Eucalyptus cloud in one experiment. Deter is flexible and easy to assign the hardware type and network connection in each private cloud, which is very powerful to run some experiment against multiple cloud.
    12 == Quick Example ==
     12== Eucalyptus Installation ==
    13131)There are three basic components in one Eucalyptus cloud: Node Controller (node), Front End (ctl) and Eucalyptus Tools(cli).
    14142 To install Node Contoller (node) :
    2424  * set cli [$ns node]
    2525  * tb-set-node-os $cli  Ubuntu904-unsup ''' #  set up cli node with OS: Ubuntu-904 '''
    26   * tb-set-node-startcmd $cli "bash /proj/Virtual/script/eucalyptus_setup/ >& /tmp/cli.log" '''#   set up the start command to run cli  node '''
     26  * tb-set-node-startcmd $cli "bash /proj/Virtual/script/eucalyptus_setup/ >& /tmp/cli.log" '''#   set up the start command to run cli  node '''
     28* to example ns script is attached at the end of this page
     30== Upload Image ==
     311) Change directory to /proj/Virtual/script/eucalyptus_setup
     322) Switch user to root.
     33   sudo (all the commands below all assume to be invoked by root user)
     343) Upload the os image by the command as the user of eucalyptus:
     35   su eucalyptus –c “./  -i [image name] “[[br]]
     36   a.the supported image name now are ubuntu9.04; centos5.3; debian5.0; fedora11; [[br]]
     37   b.if user wants to upload the ubuntu9.04, the command should be: [[br]]
     38     su eucalyptus –c “./  -i ubuntu9.04 “ [[br]]
     394) Set up environmental variables by the command: source /var/lib/eucalyptus/euca/eucarc       
     405) check out the status of virtual node by the command: euca-describe-instances
     41   a.if the status of the node is running instead of pending, it means the node is ready, you can login to this virtual node.[[br]]
     42   b.login command: ssh -i /var/lib/eucalyptus/euca/mykey.private root@ (you should change the IP address to the IP of the virtual node. In my case it was [[br]]