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mock up

Front Page Reorganization

The very first page ANYONE sees (

mock up (or: why Mike is a programmer and not an artist)

  • Welcome to DETER. Brief overview what we are and do, like open, free research testbed, tools and methodologies for security experimentation. Some nice pics not just of machines but fancy screenshots and people too.
  • Below that there are three options displayed one next to other
    • Open an account
    • Log in to DETER
    • DETER project goals and accomplishments

Open an account page

  • Takes people to open acct and create/join project dialogue
  • No other info is there

Log in to DETER

  • Takes people to a page where they can log in
  • Once logged in they see these new menus on top of their screen
    • My DETERlab
    • Information
      • News
        • Pretty much the same page we have now but we may segment it into News and New Feature Announcements. Not sure if that's the right thing to do.
      • Manuals (or reference materials or documentation but we need a word referring to both tutorials and FAQs)
        • This page has the following links
          • Beginner's manual [Deter/Web/Beginners]
          • Complete manual (pretty much Emulab's stuff = begginer + advanced)
          • FAQ
          • Reference material
      • Build your DETER
        • This page has info how to build your own DETER, with pointers to Emulab stuff
    • Experimentation (this list is still a little awkward to me but better than what we have)
      • Begin an experiment
        • This page has links to begin a regular or risky experiment. Ideally it's one form with an option to make experiment risky.
      • Tools
        • This page takes users to an "exchange" place where they can submit their tools or look for tools submitted by others including us.
      • Node status
        • Same as now, shows which nodes are taken/free
      • Image/OS list
        • Same as now but I'm fairly sure that we could blend image and OS data into one. After all users seem to need just one?
      • Create/join project
        • Same as now but ideally blends create/join options into one page
      • Teach
        • Takes users to Moodle server
      • Federate
        • Takes users to a place where they can create federated experiments
    • Collaboration
      • Chat
      • Discussion list
      • Any other social networking we come up with
    • Statistics (perhaps we don't need this menu item)
      • Any stats we want to display publicly such as usage, projects on DETER, project categories, user map
  • We should more prominently display info about contacting us
  • We should find a good way to advertise new features so info appears at least on each My DETERlab page and ideally on each page without need to click on something, just like ads do on Web pages

DETER project goals and accomplishments

  • This is a redone ISI/Deter page with a nice welcome message and the following sections
    • News and events
    • Accomplishments
      • Publications
      • Classes
      • Testbed innovations
      • Testbeds we helped build
    • History and funding
    • Plans for the future
    • People

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