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Front Page Reorganization

The very first page ANYONE sees (

  • "Project information" needs to be renamed. The target of this link is redone content that speaks both about what we do and what people do on DETER
  • Somewhere on the target page for the above comment should be a list of projects where clicking on each name (or maybe beside the name) one gets a description of the project that people filled in their project application. There should also be some way for a user to contact a PI on any project

Contact us info

  • We should have multiple contact people there depending on a reason (help, PR, ...)
  • We should adjust our FAQ so that if you can't log in you are not asked to send us a ticket (for which you must be logged in to do) but email us instead
  • Contact info should be more prominently displayed on each page, logged in or not

Open an account page

  • Takes people to open acct and create/join project dialogue
  • No other info is there

Once Logged in to DETER

Once logged in they see these new links/one-item menus on top of their screen - clicking on those leads them to an environment customized for a given purpose

  • Experiment
  • Collaborate
  • Teach
  • Learn

There is a floating menu or something for "Information" that appears in each of these environments. It should be accessible somewhere even if one is not logged in. It contains:

  • Beginner's manual [Deter/Web/Beginners]
  • Complete manual (pretty much Emulab's stuff = beginner + advanced)
  • FAQ
  • Reference material
  • Build your DETER
    • This page has info how to build your own DETER, with pointers to Emulab stuff
  • Statistics (perhaps we don't need this menu item)
    • Any stats we want to display publicly such as usage, projects on DETER, project categories, user map

There are also news that appear prominently on each page. They fall into three categories: operational (testbed down..), conferences/research opportunities and new DETER features. We are not sure what's the right mechanism to make sure these are seen by most users.

Experiment environment

  • Begin an experiment (MENU ITEM)
    • This page has links to begin a regular or risky experiment. Ideally it's one form with an option to make experiment risky. It also should have options to federate or to use SEER, transparently, hopefully as checkboxes.
  • Create/join project (MENU ITEM)
    • Same as now but ideally blends create/join options into one page
    • This page takes users to an "exchange" place where they can submit their tools or look for tools submitted by others including us.
    • Same as now, shows which nodes are taken/free
    • Same as now but I'm fairly sure that we could blend image and OS data into one. After all users seem to need just one
  • We should order tasks on Experimentation menu to fit user's path to experiment creation
  • Starting experiments that other users made public should be possible from this page
  • This page is mostly about experimenter's path to the experiment
  • Main part of experimentation page should be what is now on "My Deterlab". Clicking on an experiment from "My Deterlab" should then lead one to a page where experiment lifecycle is supported

Teaching environment

Takes users to Moodle server

Collaboration environment

  • Chat
  • Discussion list
  • Any other social networking we come up with
  • Perhaps tool sharing should be available from this page too
  • Should have info about what people are doing on DETER (Project info, contacts)
  • One should be able to chat with current users that are doing something of interest to that person - this should be effortless
  • There are multiple collaboration modes:
    • collaborate with other users (either on DETER or apart from DETER or even find experts in your area that are not DETER users)
    • collaborate with us if we're doing research related to you
    • request new features from DETER

Learning environment

  • This environment has our tutorials, info about DETER, perhaps some info from the security field not related to DETER, conference news, etc.

DETER project goals and accomplishments

  • This is a redone ISI/Deter page with a nice welcome message and the following sections
    • News and events
    • Accomplishments
      • Publications
      • Classes
      • Testbed innovations
      • Testbeds we helped build
    • History and funding
    • Plans for the future
    • People

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