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DETER for beginners

The following info should be on this page

  • Useful links
    • Linux primer
    • SSH primer
  • How experimentation works on DETER
    • Creating an experiment (Ideally this section would have some minor text, links to forms and link to screencast that matches that item)
      • Drawing a topology
      • Swapping in
    • Using nodes in an experiment
      • Connecting to nodes
      • Transferring files to/from nodes
      • Setting up clients/servers
      • Sending traffic between nodes
    • Saving state between experiments
    • Using SEER
  • Good practices
    • Staying on experimental network
      • Using short node names
      • Staying away from 192.168.*.* addresses
      • Keeping local logs
    • Not sharing accounts
    • Cautious use of malware