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DETERlab is an Emulab-based cluster testbed designed for cyber security research. Under funding from DHS and other agencies, DETERlab is operated by the DETER project, which is also pursueing a vigorous research program to make DETERlab a more powerful research instrument.

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DETERlab is based on the Emulab software. However, DETERlab differs from Emulab in user features, node types, supported operating systems, available tools, and registration procedures. See the links above. The DETERlab documentation available from this page is generally specific to DETERlab. For more advanced documentation (e.g., advanced examples or an NS reference), refer to the Emulab-based documentation at Note that this link to Emulab-based documentation takes you to a DETERized version of the real Emulab documentation; we have filtered it to replace Emulab links with DETERlab links.

If you find a page that does not have "DETERlab" or "DETER" at the top, you may have been diverted into the real Emulab documentation, which may lead you to an Emulab page that is incorrect for DETERlab. Please tell us if that happens so we can plug the leak.