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Updating the DETER meta packages

The dependencies are installed via a special meta package. This is already installed on the stock images, so if you get a conflict let us know.

 cd testbed/install/ports                                                                                                    
 sudo make install                                                                                                           
 cd /usr/ports/misc/instant-deter                                                                                            
 sudo make deinstall                                                                                                         
 sudo make reinstall                                                                                                         

Updating the codebase

In order to update the codebase, running the install script is not necessary.

cd ~/testbed
git pull
sudo rm -rf ~/obj
mkdir ~/obj
cd ~/obj
../testbed/configure --with-TBDEFS=../testbed/defs-<your defs>
sudo gmake [boss|users]-install
sudo gmake post-install # on boss

Updating the database

There is a database update script, testbed/db/, that will run the various update scripts against your existing database. These scripts are located in testbed/sql/updates. Please make sure to backup your database before running:

~/obj/db/dbupdate tbdb

Updating switch node and interface types

In order to add our switch to the database, we need to setup node and interface types for them.

We provide some SQL to make this easy. The script switch-types-create defines the following:

  • Node types for hp5412 (which included hp5406), hp2810, and nortel5510 switch types.
  • Interfaces for generic inter-switch trunks (if your site has more than one switch) named "trunk_100MbE", "trunk_1GbE", and "trunk_10GbE".

For other switch types, please refer to the Emulab Documentation.

These are loaded by boss-install script, but if you need to load them by hand:

mysql tbdb < ~<builduser>/testbed/sql/interface-types-create.sql
mysql tbdb < ~<builduser>/testbed/sql/node-types-create.sql