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Registering to use DeterLab

Who may apply for a DETER project or request a user account?

Researchers from academia, government, and industry -- as well as educators from academic institutions -- may apply for a DeterLab project account. A student must have their professor or appropriate faculty member apply for an account, and once it is activated the student can then apply for membership to that project.

Note: For more information on using DeterLab for education, please refer to the DeterLab Education Site.

To Register

DETER accounts are grouped by projects, therefore the project leader or PI must first request a project, then other users apply for membership to that project.

Note: If you already have a DeterLab account, please login in first. This will help streamline the process.

Requesting a New Project

Getting a User Account to Join an Existing Project

Note to Students

Getting Help

If you run into trouble, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.